Monday, 25 April 2011

Gabs Shopping

Our next adventure out of Francistown saw us hitting the open road south to Bots' capital Gaborone, or Gabs as it is more commonly known.

It was a flying trip; down and back in a day. That's right, 4 and a half hours there, and 4 and a half hours back, with about 3 hours of shopping and lunch in between. Completely silly of us in hindsight, but it was Christmas time, we needed to buy gifts, and Mr B was busy at work and couldn't afford to be away.

But it was a good mini preview to Gabs' shopping, or part there of. Mr B only knew the location of one shopping centre, so we went straight there and no where else. I really laugh at us sometimes - we're adventurous in that we had no real qualms packing up and moving continents, yet we can be very timid when it comes to the exploring of a new place - it always seems to take us a couple of goes before we feel comfortable deviating from what we know.

Game City - Image from here

Anyway I digress - we hit Game City hard that day - clothes, cosmetics, things for the house, Christmas presents, dvds, CDs etc. It was like we'd been out in the bush for months and we'd discovered a retail heaven. In no way does it compare to most shopping centres in Australia, but on that day ... it was better!!

Blog Interrupted

 My name is Sheridan and it has been 6 weeks since my last post :( Eeesshh

Just as I was getting started with my blog - slowly getting in to the writing thing, and enjoying looking back and thinking about all we've seen and done here in Bots so far - life has interrupted me .... holidays, visitors, catching up with friends and now a broken laptop.

Not to worry ... things are calming down and just as soon as my laptop is fixed I'll be back up and posting.

Stay tuned!
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