Monday, 31 December 2012

Happy New Year!

2012 was a year of high highs and at times quite low lows for me.
The highlight was obviously welcoming our beautiful baby girl Miss J.
She is an absolute delight and watching her and LL interact and "play" brings a smile to my face every single time.
My wish is that they will be great friends in the years to come.
We were also fortunate enough to welcome another nephew to the world. My brother and his wife had their third boy at the end of this year. Chase, we can't wait to cuddle, kiss and play with you when we eventually return home :)
Tough decisions were made this year, and another year in Bots was the outcome. If I'm completely honest there has been a lot of regrets over this, despite knowing it was probably the right decision for our little family. 12 months; really, it's not that long.
2012 you've been tough, probably one of my toughest years yet as I've learnt and managed to be a mother to two. But despite all the low times it really has been a great year, a year for us as a little family.
2013, I can't wait to see what you bring us.
We've got some exciting adventures planned with family visits early in the year, and hopefully a friend or two stopping by as the year goes on.
This is going to be our year to live a little more - to socialise, to go places, to see and do exciting things. To make the most of what will probably be our last 12 months here.
I hope to forge stronger friendships with those I already have.
I hope to find a little more time for things I like to do.
I hope LL has a fabulously exciting first year at pre-school.
I cannot wait to celebrate our baby girl's first birthday and watch her continue to grow and learn.
And I hope Mr B and I find a little more time for each other.
Happy New Year to all our lovely family and friends, both near and far.
Cheers to you xx
PS - with two kids with tonsilitis and a husband with a head cold, it's unlikely we'll see midnight here in Bots. Maybe next year ...

Thursday, 27 December 2012

It's a Wrap!

It's been a busy couple of days for us. Here's a wrap up of what we got up to ...
Christmas Eve Eve saw us doing some baking. Gingerbread biscuits so we could make these.


Christmas Eve we made more rocky road, rum balls, and more of these.
We put together some plates of treats for some friends and neighbours and went delivering.
It was so nice to share some yummy home made Christmas goodies :)

We attempted this but a combination of humidity, some ingredients not being the same as home, and the power going off for two hours (nice timing for a dip in the pool though!) meant we just couldn't get it to work. Rather than get frustrated over it, we turned the mixture into even more biccies. LL was still happy :) Maybe next year ...
After we delivered some pressies and our plates of treats we relaxed with a few drinks and some TWISTIES all the way from Australia (thanks Mum!) Miss J quite liked her first twistie experience. And LL of course devoured them.

Treats were laid out for Santa before heading off to bed (LL being threatened by phonecalls to Santa if he didn't stay in his own bed all night).

Once the kiddies were tucked up, Mr B cooked me up a Christmas Eve dinner of garlic and chilli prawns. Delicious! We ate, drank and enjoyed this movie. A perfect Christmas Eve night!

Christmas morning started at 5:40am, thanks to Miss J. LL was soon to follow and his excitement was contagious when he saw all the goodies under the tree :)

And look .... Santa ate up all his treats!

LL couldn't wait till his baby sister had her milk, he had to open one present first ...

The happiness and excitement were priceless. Sadly this beloved "lop" lasted only about half an hour before it broke. That'll teach me for spending 30 pula on a toy. LL was devastated and had a little cry. Thankfully the distraction of more presents to open saved us and we were able to hide the broken lop before he could think about it again.

Missy Moo wasn't too sure what all the fuss was about.
She was just happy having a look and feel of everything.

Santa's little helper gave out the gifts

And helped baby sister open their first ever Christmas present


Christmas outfit from Grandma :)
After building train tracks and kitchens, eating breakfast, having naps, and having a few skype conversations with family at home, it was soon time for lunch.

We were lucky enough to spend Christmas day with our new friends Sally, Matt and Poppy. They, like us, don't have family nearby, so what better way to spend the day than with friends.

After lunch and baby naps we went swimming and wore the kids out some more.
Two little girls were more than happy about that!
Boxing day was a little quieter, spent playing with new toys and eating leftovers before a late afternoon dip in the pool. Cyclone JK got hold of LL's new toys a number of times, particularly while he enjoyed a HUGE afternoon nap. For a boy who hasn't liked to nap the past 12 months he sure is making up for it the last few days.
I hope your Christmas was as fun and playful as ours.
PS - Sorry for the photo dump, solely for my parents and in-laws!

Monday, 24 December 2012

Merry Christmas

Wishing all our family and friends a wonderful Christmas and a brilliant new year xxxx

PS - note to self, never expect kiddies to cooperate and do as you'd like ;)

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