Friday, 15 February 2013

The Pre-school Artwork

Like most parents of pre-schoolers Mr B and I have been experiencing the excitement that is the artwork coming home from school.

About a week ago I opened LL's school bag to dig out his lunch box and what did I find .... some fantastic looking artwork - a painting, a drawing, some colouring-in, and some scissor cut outs.

My absolute favourite so far though was what LL gave me yesterday at school pick up ... this little guy ...

Happy Valentine's Day Mummy, he said as he gave it to me 
(prompted by the teacher of course but still I'm taking it).

Best Valentine's Card EVER! :)

Thursday, 7 February 2013

Swinging, Swinging

One of our favourite bits of music to play around here is Justine Clarke's "I Like to Sing". LL loves it, knows all the words, and sings along to all the songs.

One of the songs is all about having a swing. Have you heard it? Listened to the words? In case you haven't, hear they are:

I may get tired of this game or that
I may get tired of wearing a hat
I may get tired of running around
But I never get tired with my feet off the ground when I’m…

Swinging, swinging
So high in the sky
I forget where the ground is I’m…
Swinging, swinging
I might get a fright
If I don’t hold on tight when I’m…
Swinging, swinging
My brain goes all mushy
And everything’s rushy I’m…
Swinging, swinging
Come on and push me again!

I like to float like a boat on the sea
I like to run – but you can’t catch me
I like to VROOM like a car in a race
But I most like to be like a
Rocket in space when I’m….
Swinging, swinging
Right up to the stars
See how far you can push me I’m…
Swinging, swinging
It’s fun when my tummy
Goes funny inside when I’m…
Swinging, swinging
Although you get puffed
I just can’t get enough when I’m…
Swinging, swinging
Come on and push me again!

Even I like this song. The words are so true. There's nothing quite like kicking your feet off the ground and swinging up high, feeling the air rush past you as you go back and forth. It can be quite a thrill. 

And I love the exhilaration, the excitement, the utter happiness you see on kiddies' faces when they are swinging, going higher and higher. That thrill they are feeling. That high in the sky rush. It's fantastic.

Yesterday my mother-in-law reminded me of the swing we used to push LL in when he was a baby. He loved it and it was a favourite past-time of ours. Then we got outdoor blinds installed and took the swing down, packed it away in the cupboard, and kind of forgot about it, thinking it would no longer work where it was, and really having no where else to put it.

Yet as these things so often go, or course it worked perfectly fine yesterday when we got it back out, hooked it back up and put the kids in. 

And of course ...... they LOVED IT!

PS - check out the cutie below enjoying the swing as a 5 month old ... does he look like someone we know?? :)

11 months

Missy Moo is now 11 months!!!

She welcomed it with yet another flu virus, which seems to be a recurring pattern for her monthly birthdays of late. Once again she has taken the chesty cough and the snotty nose all in her stride, continuing to smile and laugh, play, "crawl", and also thankfully, sleep.

11 months and wow look at all that HAIR!!!! 
And the curls, well they just make her the cutest little girl ever :)

She is becoming cheekier by the day - deliberately getting in to things she knows she shouldn't - Mummy's books, the playstation, the baby monitor, always turning around once she's reached it to see if anyone is looking and going to do anything.
She will place her foot on LL's choo choo track and wait for a reaction, or look at us and smile. Or she will plant herself in the middle of the track and wait for his reaction of "move Jess, move!"
A stirrer in the making!

Walks in the pram are still a favourite thing to do, smiling and "waving" to the garden staff as we pass by. Always a smile for everyone who greets her whether it be the lady at the shops, LL's teacher, a neighbour, or our pet tortoise. Her face lights up for anyone who bestows just a little bit of attention her way.

Clapping hands or doing a little bop to music is something fun to do. 
She loves the impromptu Wiggles concerts LL and Mummy (and sometimes Daddy too) perform. 
And music must always be played in the car to ensure a "relaxed" journey.

Balls and cars and duplo and trains - everything that LL loves - is what Miss J loves best so far. A soft toy or a dolly will soon be cast aside to play with something that LL has. 
Give her the toy teapot and cup and she will be happy for ages carrying them around and pretending to have a cup of tea.
When it's bedtime just pass her, her blankie and she rubs it on her face, chews it, or sucks it in her mouth, in readiness for sleep to come.

Missy Moo we are loving watching your personality shine forth. 
Your giggles and laughter make the days so much brighter. 
Your love for your Daddy and brother is beautiful to see. 
We love you little girl.
You are THE CUTEST little cheeky chops ever xxx

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