Sunday, 7 July 2013

Soupy Kind of Weather

The weather is slowly, slowly, getting chillier around here lately. It is by no means arctic winter conditions but for Bots it's a little fresh. As a result, the winter comfort eating has well and truly kicked in at our place. Soups are a-go-go.

There are two in particular which I seem to be making on rotation. They are easy and yummy and so I thought I'd share.

Thai Curry Pumpkin Soup

What you'll need:
750g peeled pumpkin
1Tbsp oil
1 and half Tbsp red curry paste (I tend to a be a little more generous)
2 onions peeled and chopped
2 cups of coconut milk (approx 1 x 300g can)
2 cups of chicken stock

How to do it:
Cut the pumpkin into pieces

Heat the oil, add the curry paste and onions, cook for approx 4 mins, stirring

Stir in pumpkin, coconut milk and chicken stock

Bring to the boil, cover, and simmer for about 15-20mins until pumpkin is cooked.

Puree in blender. And enjoy with some crusty fresh bread.

This soup is so good, and even better the next day when it has had a chance to thicken up a bit.

Bacon and Pea Soup

What you'll need:
4 rashers of bacon, diced
50g butter
1 large onion, chopped
1 celery stalk, chopped into small pieces
2 litres of chicken stock
1 cup of frozen peas
250g risoni
2 Tbsp fresh parsley

How to do it:
Put the bacon, butter, onion and celery in large heavy-based pan, cooking for about 5 mins over a low heat, stirring occassionally

Add the stock and peas and simmer covered for 5 mins (I find it takes mine a while to come to a simmer so I up the heat to medium)

Increase the heat and add the pasta, cooking uncovered for 5 mins, stirring occassionally.

Add the parsley and serve.

This is super yummy and like the pumpkin soup is really good the next day once the pasta has soaked up more of the liquid.

Feeling a tad chilly of late?? Give these a go. I promise you won't be disappointed.

What's your favourite soup?

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