Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Big Brother, Little Sister

There's something special about sibling relationships - the bond, the trust, the friendship. But the relationship between a brother and a sister is especially lovely and one to cherish I think.

Having an older brother myself, and knowing how nice that can be, (and also how annoying and painful!! Hello continuous smacks to the back of my head as I walked past!!) I am absolutely loving watching the bond and relationship develop between LL and Miss J.

LL is just starting to understand that he's the "big brother", that this is a special and important job, and what it all entails. He's starting to realise that he needs to help his little sister with some things, watch out for her, and help take care of her. He is also at times getting annoyed by her, wanting her to leave him alone, and not wanting her to play and join in his fun.

Miss J of course idolises and adores him. She loves it when he's around - when they play chasey, ride bikes, and jump on the trampoline together. Whatever he's doing she wants to be in the mix too. And even if he hurts her, pushes her away, or snatches the toy she's playing with, within seconds it's all forgotten and she's right back next to him or following him around.

The other day LL was crying - it was the end of the day and he was very much over everything. Miss J followed him up to the bathroom and tried to give him a hug and kiss - cause that's what you do in our house when someone is crying or upset. LL pushed her away and told her to leave him alone. I know he's young and he can't possibly understand yet how hurtful what he said and did can be, but I felt so sad in that moment for Miss J. The love of the baby sister is not always wanted or appreciated.

Thankfully LL's words and actions really made no difference to Miss J. But I really want LL to learn and realise how lucky he is to have a little sister. She is always going to love him. She is always going to idolise him. She is always going to think he's amazing, can do no wrong, and will always be his biggest cheerleader.

And biding all that, she will always, ALWAYS, think his funny faces and "poo poo" talk is just the funniest thing EVER!!!

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